The Plan
Imagine the global online business magazine, where only subscribers can read inspiring articles, chat and meet. Plus, it's a club! Wouldn't it be great to have club-mates in any country you visit. We know how!

We are 100% Kazakhstan product since 2003.
We research a man inside a business and a business inside a man. We were 52 in our editorials in 2009, we crashed to 5 people in 2012. Advertising model was no longer a point for us. Since 2014 we were experimenting with advertising models in print and online. But Facebook and Google took away the budgets of our traditional clients. We went through everything in media!

Now we are 10. We had survived and balanced the business by mixing our model:

We had introduced a paywall for our readers 11 months ago
For $100 per year online-subscribers get access to closed articles in Russian, ranking of 500 biggest companies in Kazakhstan and 10 club meetings: business-BBQs, practicums, lectures and conferences. It is a totally online product. We don't call it subscription. We call it:

National Business Club

Our subscribers are managers and owners.
By now we have 140 club members.
Some of them:

Askar Baitassov (AB Restaurants)
Zhanar Kalieva (Kompetenz)
Erzhan Ilyassov (Alageum)
Alina Aldambergen (KASE)

and 136 people alike
But we know that NB Club has its limit in Kazakhstan. We estimate it as maximum 1000 members (subscribers) within next 4 years.

And still we know what to do next:
We're gonna make the NB Club Global
We research a man inside a business and a business inside a man

Total members next 2 years: 10.000+ in 22 countries

Promotion: SMM targeting to 22 cities in South East Asia, Nothern Europe and Americas where we've found high:

English Proficiency Index
GRP per capita
Online-content buying culture

This is how we gonna do it:
We will create a paywall (paid subscription) online magazine and app with only 4 types of genuine articles in English: "Management", "Tech", "Personal Effectiveness" and "Modern Finance". Members who will subscribe and join the club by paying $200 per year will read, communicate in local and international chat-rooms. The site will look approximately like this:
Personal Effectiveness|Guts
by Ranga Welaratne, general manager of Sanofi Central Asia

The story of a general manager of some major worldwide company who had chosen to help poor and exsanguinated by the terrible earthquake Haitians, instead of having a beach vacasion. In his own words.

by Denis Kulkin, editor in chief of National Business

So your government invests in Formula 1 but never gave a penny for basketball? You can't either. But you love this sport, and thousands around you! So you work hard for years to become a sport manager and finally bring FIBA 3X3 World Championship to the capital of your country. Fantastic story of Zhomart Assenkanov who made it happen.

Personal Effectiveness|Guts
by Aidyn Rakhimbayev, CEO of BI Group

Swiming - 3.8 km, cycling - 180 km, running - 42 km. An incredible story of Aidyn Rakhimbaev, the founder of a billion dollars construction company, who became the first "Ironman" in Astana and why the triathlon philosophy helps to manage big business.

Management|Best Models
by Michael Smith, correspondent of National Business

A story of some fragile lady who liked to sew. She started alone, she started from zero point, she started from a simple uniform. Then there were years of growth towards the sports equipment factory in the country where economic fashion is oil. She made it to $30 mln business. All by herself.

Modern Finance|Currencies
by Raushan Naiza, correspondent of National Business

On 1st of October 2016, the Chinese yuan became the first emerging market currency to be included in the IMF's special drawing rights basket. Why? China is growing abroad in many ways. How the "people's currency" is heading to be the blood for this expansion?

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Why should people join the club:
Read something rare and inspiring about business and management. Something you'll never find at Harvard Business Review.

True self-driven club atmosphere - members use chat not only for conversation - they meet and share ideas. They share photos from their meetings. They share one common idea.

All members can contribute their stories to editorials for publishing online. Most inspiring ones will be published.

What do we need?

Yes, we have an experienced team. Yes, we already have many immortal articles written by practitioners and professors from around the world, and we keep receiving them. All we need is to build a new better site and app, translate our content which is good for being international and hire three new colleagues - one more associate editor, native-speaking interpreter and a good SMM-manager. And ofcourse - we need money for SMM promotion campaign.

Yes, we have some funds to develop this model, and we feel confident, but we will never resist the helping hand and a good partnership to go faster and stronger. I suppose AIFC is the one.

What will AIFC get from this partnership?
The best PR throughout the world among the genuine business and management audience.

How long will it last?
We recommend to promote with us for one year and then decide if we should continue.

How much will it cost for AIFC?
We estimate it as $94 000 per whole year. It's like 2 advertising half-page banners at printed Bloomberg's Businessweek. Or 4 days banner presence at

Let's discuss this idea.

Denis Kulkin
editor-in-chief, National Business
+7 701 270 14 50
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