The Plan
Imagine the Global online+offline club, where only members can read inspiring articles, chat, meet and send money to each other via internal messenger. Wouldn't it be great to have club-mates in any country you visit. We know how!
We are 100% Kazakhstan product since 2003.
We research a man inside a business and a business inside a man. We were 52 in our editorials in 2009, we crashed to 5 people in 2012. Advertising model was no longer a point for us. Since 2014 we were experimenting with advertising models in print and online. But Facebook and Google took away the budgets of our traditional clients.

Now we are 7, but we know what to do!

We introduced a paywall for our readers 8 weeks ago
For $50 per year members get access to closed articles, ranking of 500 biggest companies in Kazakhstan and 14 club meetings: business-BBQs, practicums, lectures and conferences. We don't call it subscription. We call it:

National Business Club

Our members are managers and owners.
By now we have 52 members.
Some of them:

Askar Baitassov (AB Restaurants)
Zhanar Kalieva (Kompetenz)
Erzhan Ilyassov (Alageum)
Eldar Abdrazakov (Centras)

and 48 people alike
But we know that NB Club has its limit in Kazakhstan. We estimate it as maximum 2000 members within next 2 years.

And still we know what to do next
We're gonna make the NB Club Global
The community of honest people

Total members next 2 years: 10.000+ in 20 countries
In average: 500 members in every country
This is how we gonna do it
We will create a paywall site and app with only 3 types of genuine articles: "Deeds", "Sociopreneur" and "Honest models". Members who will join the club by paying $200 per year will read, communicate in local and international chat-rooms, also they will have an ability to transfer money to each other via internal messenger. The site will look like this...
by Ranga Welaratne, general manager of Sanofi Central Asia

The story of a general manager of some major worldwide company who had chosen to help poor and exsanguinated by the terrible earthquake Haitians, instead of having a beach vacasion. In his own words.

by Denis Kulkin, editor in chief of National Business

So your government invests in Formula 1 but never gave a penny for basketball? You can't either. But you love this sport, and thousands around you! So you work hard for years to become a sport manager and finally bring FIBA 3X3 World Championship to the capital of your country. Fantastic story of Zhomart Assenkanov who made it happen.

by Aidyn Rakhimbayev, CEO of BI Group

Swiming - 3.8 km, cycling - 180 km, running - 42 km. An incredible story of Aidyn Rakhimbaev, the founder of a billion dollars construction company, who became the first "ironman" in Astana and why the triathlon philosophy helps to manage big business.

Honest models
by Michael Smith, correspondent of National Business

A story of some fragile lady who liked to sew. She started alone, she started from zero point, she started from a simple uniform. Then there were years of growth in the country where economic fashion is oil. She made it to $30 mln business. All by herself.

To read more stories please join the Club
Why should people join the club
There are no place for HONEST people in this world where they can meet and share ideas. A member from Hong Kong, when he has problems in Bulgaria can ask for help in local chat. And he will receive help from local members because they know that they would receive it as well in Hong Kong.

Local members in every country elect their Magister, meet and share money to help each other.

All members can contribute their stories to editorials for publishing online.

All members follow the NB Club Manifesto.
NB Club Manifesto
In the world where everybody lies, we bring the island of honest deeds, social entrepreneurship and incorrupt business models.

We tell real stories of how people stay responsible for weaker ones and overcome circumstances.

We connect you with other honest people around the Globe.

NB Member firmly believes that honest work creates values and meanings. It is his strength.
NB Member is always honest to other member, his beloved ones and himself.
All NB Members are brothers and sisters and must treat each other this way regardless of age, economic or politic views, position, income, status or anything else.
NB Members use local and international chat-rooms on the website and app to share words, information or money. Chats are scripted and secured. Internal messenger is used.
NB Member can ask for help from other members in any country he visits at any time.
NB Members meet as often as possible to share ideas and projects, changing the world into a better place.
Everybody's equal
Every country elects its own NB Magister who runs the meetings of a local NB Club. NB Magister is elected every 6 months and can be re-elected an infinite number of times, as well as be impeached by the majority of votes at any time. NB Magister manages, not command. NB Club's hierarchy is flat – all Members on the Planet are equal.
Tell your story
NB Member can contribute the story of his or other person's life, business model or deed to publish it on the website. See Guidelines for authors.
Stay honest
Any member can be expelled from the club by the majority of other local members votes if he shows dishonesty. Any member can offer a poll.
We need an IT partner
We strongly believe that we must make this Club in partnership with DAR. All we need is a team of young coders to build the site and app on DAR's ecosystem using SCRUM. We want DAR Vis to become the core of Club's chat-rooms.
When I saw DAR's headquarters I was impressed - SCRUM, dozens of coders, atmosphere of progress and teamwork! Amazing! Like nothing else in our part of the world! We must cooperate in this project, and this is why:

1) DAR will get straight communication with 10.000+ honest people in at least 20 countries. They will test DAR Vis inside the Club and will promote it outside in their part of the world. They will become ambassadors of DAR's products. We will know which country is the best for any particular product.

2) All revenues will be shared. If we ask members to pay $200 annually, then it will be $2 mln a year. All we need is maximum 3-5 editors, 1-2 English interpreters, 1 internet marketer + 1 site administrator for the first year of action.

3) The main point. We collect people who are honest. Those who believe that honesty is something that matters. Such audience is something rare. We never know what it may bring in future!

Thanks for attentive reading, Alidar! Hope to see you soon to share ideas.
Denis Kulkin
editor-in-chief, National Business magazine
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